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Guys, I recently was contacted by a IT Staffing company and I accepted a Temp to hire position. This is my dream job! MY only problem is that it requires me to know alot more "RIGHT NOW" then where I would be say in 2 years. This Company works with Juniper/Cisco Routers to name a few and does major business here in the North Atlantic states.
I was hired becasuse I have done ISP help desk stuff before but never business customers.
Anyway, In a very short time I have to troubleshoot Cisco/Juniper routers,Firewalls ect.

I was upfront with them on my skills and told them that I am studying for my Network + test and planned at some point in the future to get Linux + Certified or CCNA certified depending on which class was available at Delware Community College when I have the money to go.
This Friday the $208 bucks to get a Voucher to take the test will be available.

I need advise on what material would be good for me to read to become familiar with cisco/router stuff. I saw some things on Tech but thought I should ask around here.
My work load is going to be very light. I'll be giving POP/SMTP info,gauthering info for Level 1,2 techs ect. But at some point ( when I am hired ) I will be a level one Tech, So I have to know some stuff

PLease advise
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    I know there are plenty of free materials out there on the web and the fine people here on TE will point in the right direction for all other materials. Although, if you can afford to spend 40 dollars a month, get a subscription to Oreilly books. Over 4,000 books online at your fingertips, all I/T related. There is a healthy dose of Networking/Protocols/Cisco books on there. I wish I had more time to spend on there but well worth the investment. A few members on here also can vouch for it. Here is a link.
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