I took and passed both the A+ core and OS exam today.

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I took (for the first time) both exams for the A+ today and ended up getting a 548 on the core exam and a 551 on the OS exam.

I studied for three weeks using All in One A+ certification 5th edition by Michael Meyers and Scott Jernigan and I used The A+ Exams Guide by Christopher Crayton. Now, I read the All in One A+ Certification book twice and I kept going over the practice exams on the CD that came with the book until I was able to score 80 percent or above. Additionally, I read Crayton’s book once and I kept going over the practice test on his CD until I was able to score 95 percent and above. (As a side note, I thought Crayton’s practice tests were way too easy and I believe that there were some errors in his book.)

Now, I am going to start studying for the Network+ certificate.


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