VMWare LAN Segment Question

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I currently have VMWare Workstation 6 installed on my work laptop. I am connected to the company LAN.

I am currently using host only networking for my two virtual DCs located on a VMWare Team.

My question is, if I create a LAN segment in VMWare and put both of these DCs on that LAN segment will these DCs show up on the corporate LAN? I cannot have these DCs appear on the company LAN because I will be in deep crap if they do. I do however want my DCs to talk to each other which is not possible with host-only networking as far as I know. THANKS.


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    They should be able to talk to each other on the host only network as long as you have them on the same VMWare network and give them network addresses on the same subnet.

    Don't put them on the LAN.
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    yes, if you creat a Lan segment they will talk on that segment, this is how i've set mines up, I also use multiple lan segments, only time they will hit your network is if you have their network settings on bridged or NAT, if they are setup on a lan segment, it is a lan segment on your laptop.
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    I was able to get the two virtual machines talking again using host-only. I had accidentally deleted the virtual Ethernet adapter VMNet1. icon_redface.gif I reinstalled the adapter and I am golden.

    Thanks for the replies.
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