Passed 291!!! What exam should I take next?

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Well I just passed the 70-291 on my second try:
- First Attempt: 680
- Second Attempt: 900

For those trying to take the 70-291, here is my preparation method:

Prior to my first attempt:
- Experience: Day to Day management of servers in a medium sized network.
- Ms Press: Breezed through the book.
- TTC (The Training Consortium): Online classes purchased by my employer.

After failing the first exam:
- TestOut: I used this to re-review the entire course contents after my first attempt.
- Transcender: I did some hardcore practice exam taking for three days prior to the exam. The most valueable part was reading through the explanations of missed questions to obtain a thorough understanding.

NOW my question is:
Should I do the elective and get the MCSA? Or continue straight to the 70-293 because the subject matter is similiar to the 70-291?

My thoughts right now are I have crammed so much knowledge in my brain relating to DNS, DHCP, RRAS, IP Subnetting, etc... that now would be the best time to start studying for the 70-293.

Does anyone have any advice who's been through this already?


  • ajs1976ajs1976 Member Posts: 1,945 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Unless you need the MCSA right not for some reason (raise, job opportunity, etc), I would go for 293 because of the overlap.

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    ajs1976 wrote:
    Unless you need the right not for some reason (raise, job opportunity, etc), I would go for 293 because of the overlap.

    +1 and congrats!
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    Royal is the master... 293 does have overlap

    Have you taked 290 or 270?

    291 being the hardest of this series... passing 270 & 290 would give you MCSA. If you goal is MCSE... then would be 293 after 270, 290 & 291. 293 is big on clustering.
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    Congratulations! Thanks for the rundown of the prep methods. Hopefully I can score that well on my upcoming attempt.

    I've seen it mentioned in other threads that 293 has a great overlap of knowledge with 291. Like others have mentioned in this thread, unless your next test has to get you MCSA status, then go after 293.

    Happy Studying :)
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    congrats on the pass my fellow 'statesman' icon_lol.gif

    it all depends on what you want to do, but everyone here gives pretty good advice. I have no input as I have not taken 291 nor 293 yet.
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  • az_golferaz_golfer Member Posts: 31 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for all of the advice guys. I'm going to go straight into the 293.

    I am looking forward to "studying" rather than the insensive "cramming" I did the last few days. :D
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