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Hey guys. I'm thinking about making a career in information security. Am an MCP (70-270) and will be giving 70-270 coming Monday or Tuesday. Will be going for CCNA after this one and then working towards MCSE:Security with Security+ as an optional exam. Will be going for SCSA or RHCE after that perhaps.

But the point is I'm really confused over the certification in the field of Information security. I know a few like CEH, CCSA, CISSP etc but to be fair I don't know anything about the path I must take. First I thought CEH was the "ultimate" certificate I could look forward to. Doing a bit of research, found CISSP to be the dream certificate. Looked at the (ICS)2 site and found that they offer around 15 certifications in total. :gasp:

Sometimes I feel there's too much to be learned which is perhaps not possible for someone. Just too many certificates in the information security field confuses me. icon_sad.gif
Is there any book or site which can tell which are the sub-fields in information security along with the job-profile of each? Without something like this it feels like I'll mindlessly go on hunting the certificates I know of.

I desperately need something which can help me decide upon the certification path. I'm looking for something which can explain the path(s) at one place, don't wanna go hunting over all possible certifications and their (respective) requirements and job-profile. I hope you understand what I mean.


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