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AT work the computers are on a network they were running norton anti virus 2001 and the subscription ran out so they got the new one 2003. Now my question is all the users were able to run the live update for virus definitions when it was 2001 now that I installed 2003 they can't run the live update. The only way to update the pc with virus definitions is to log on as admin. I have asked so many people about this problem and I can't get a straight answer I really hope someone can help? Thanks alot.


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    It is all in the permissions I am thinking. I haven't played with Nortons on a network lately but I think it is like many programs that if they are installed while logged on as Admin then the user can not update unless they have the correct privelleges.
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    If you got COTS Norton 2003 it probably is in the permissions. If your company got the corporate edition of 2003 all updates have to be pushed from the server - can't be done from the workstation. Hope this helps.

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