Booked 70-089 SMS 2003

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I have booked 70-089 for next Friday (12th October). I attended the SMS training course in August and I use it on a daily basis. What are the key areas of revision for this exam? I have the official course book for study material, should I get any other books? Is there any free material online?




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    I don't know anyone who has sat this exam. Let us know how it goes, and good luck! icon_cool.gif
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    PASSED :D I got 921/1000

    It's not too difficult as but you need to understand site boundries, log files, site components, how configure AD to allow SMS to publish data to it and the system reqirements. There are alot of multiple answer questions (choose 2, choose 3, choose all that apply) and I also got around 5 drag and drop questions which make the exam that little bit harder than the normal multiple choice questions.

    Just glad its out the way with, only got 291 to do now then im MCSA :)

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    Congrats Chris! icon_thumright.gif

    What resourses did you find most useful?
    All things are possible, only believe.
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    I attended the official course, Managing Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 - M2596

    Used the official course manual to revise and this on technet also helped alot:

    I wasn't very confident because I couldn't find any practice questions for this exam on the net. Also we only have a single SMS Primary site where I work and the exam in typical Microsoft style has alot of questions on multiple primary and secondary sites. Without the training course I would have failed. Just glad it is out the way with :D
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    does anyone have the 2597 course book they are looking to sell?
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    I passed this one yesterday as last elective for MCSA with score of 921.

    Exam wasn't that hard (the beast one was much worse). I went to MOC training 2596, I bough a book from Kaczmarek guy about SMS 2003, and I must say that practice tests that are on the market helped a lot, as quite a few questions were similar or the same.

    In the exam they ask alot about Log files, Inboxes, troubleshooting, querying, reporting and design of the SMS network.

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