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I was looking at getting Cisco certified. But my career has gone in another direction recently. I'm being transferred to a different division and given more responsibility, money and hours.
I am also being told that I need to get some microsoft certs to move up. One that was mentioned was MCP? I gather that this is less of a task to get than MCSE. (which I understand is a whole gaggle of tests you have to pass to get).
I searched MS website and came up with nothing. How do you get MCP? IS this the entry level MS cert roughly equivalent to CCNA?
Also if it matters it looks like I need to know Exchange Server/Active Directory.
studying on 70-290, 70-291 and CCNA.


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    MCP can be obtained by passing just about any Microsoft exam, with a few exceptions. MCP is also being "replaced" by the new MCTS, or Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, certifications that are associated with specific technologies (SQL Server, Exchange, etc). I would say MCP is not equivalent to CCNA...whereas MCP is the generic title associated with Microsoft, CCNA is the "associate" level certification for Cisco. I think it's safe to say that the majority of the members here will think CCNA looks much better on a resume than MCP does.

    Active Directory is covered extensively in the 70-294 and 70-297 exams (both can be used towards the MCSE). Not sure about Exchange server since I have never tested on this, but I'm sure someone will come along and answer that for you.

    Check out microsoft.com/learning for detailed explanations on Microsoft's certification path.
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    MCP stands for "Microsoft Certified Professional" and you can get it by writing any active microsoft exam (someone correct me if I am wrong on that one but you can get it from any of the exams that count towards MCSA, MCSE so on)

    As to equivalent to CCNA from a tech point of view we are talking rowing boats and ships.. The closest you would come is 70-293 (or good old 70-216) which is not comparable at all. Basically if you want to do networking (a lot of networking) you have to do cisco. If you need to work with your servers and do basic networking you can survive on what Microsoft teaches you and the internet.

    As to AD and Exchange I guess it is theoretically possible to write and pass the exams with out doing the prior server and desktop ones but there would be no benefit to learning AD if you are not very familiar with the server and network structure and you cannot do exchange without understanding the server and AD.

    If this is what you where told by you company you firstly need to find out what OS they are running (2000, 2003...) and what there upgrade planes are since you need to pick the certification track that will meet future requirements. I wouldn't do 2000 even if they where running it but it is pointless to start 2003 if they are looking to upgrade there environment and hence you could start on the 2008 tracks. Since few people are able to sit down one day and do all there MCSE exams it is many month or year task.
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