I need Exchange 2000 for beginners resources

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I provide desktop support during the mornings and afternoons for a midsize company and the head IT tech comes in after 2pm. We are constantly having problems with exchange 2000 and I would like to know of any good resources that a beginner such as myself can check out. I hate the fact that i feel somewhat helpless when problem arise and also having to wait till he decides to pick up his phone and help me out. The majority of the problems we have Im able to solve (mostly user related) but when its comes to our email server (which is a headache) im totally stumped, any suggestions.


  • EJizzelEJizzel Member Posts: 94 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    Fairly shocking that your head IT Tech only come in after 2 and you are having problems in the morning someone in management should have a word. As for resources I am not sure on Exchange 2000 as I skipped 2000 and went from 5.5 straight to 2003. CBT Nuggets are quite good on the other stuff I have learnt and for Microsoft stuff I always go with MS Press to start with.

    Maybe you could have a word with your head tech and get him to show you arround Exchange and what the common problems are. You could sell it to him that if he shows you how to fix the majority of calls then he will not get as many phone calls and might still be able to get away with coming in at 2pm.
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    I have the Exchange 2000 resource kit, but that is a little heavy for a beginning reference. At one time there were a lot of videos on technet.

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    Do you have the appropriate rights/permissions to fix Exchange related problems in your environment?

    What kind of issues are you seeing? End user mailbox problems, junk mail, the "I am not getting any email" complaints? Or more like global issues such as no one can get email, the server crashed, the mailbox store could not be mounted, connector issues, etc.?
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