Just passed 270, onto 271...Question...

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Well my question is, how does the material compare. So far it seems that i could just go n take the 271 seeing as i passed the 270 today (scored 857). So perhaps some thoughts or advice on that...
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    I haven't taken 270 yet, but honestly 271 was a joke compared to the CompTIA exams. The focus of the 271 exam is so narrow, it is very easy to master the required knowledge. For example, I found Network+ challenging with all of its Novell and Mac OSX Server questions, and scored 778 -- on 271 I breezed through with a 966. I'm taking 272 on Monday and it looks even easier.

    Is anyone else bored stiff studying for these MCDST exams? The CBT Nuggets for these put me to sleep (entire 40 minute videos are dedicated to different views in Windows Explorer, taskbar/start menu options, etc). I can't wait to put this behind me and get back into interesting technical material for the MCSA exams and CCNA.
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