i'm scare!help

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It was a nightmare today ,It was a modem problem, I switch the PC on after 10mins ,I got illegal open, i restart it I got .dll files missing ,i do "SCAnreg/restore " and i restart it.This time I got Windows Protection Error.I shudown the PC and I ran away. The matter is I don't why I got so Scared! the proleblem is still here and what counseldo you give me to as first step?


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    Wow! Sounds like something that would make a grown man cry!!

    Seriously, the first 3 things that occur to me are:
    How do you know that you had a modem problem?
    Sounds like maybe an Application problem.
    What were you doing at the exact time that the first problem occured?
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    This happened to me at my sister workplace.
    It's a P11 450mhz
    my sister told me that she could not go on the internet or when she got connected the pc would freeze!.I tried also but i could not connect to the net and I was sure it was a conflict! The Operating system is Win98,I tried to change,I/O, Com address for the modem from the Device Manager but I could not do so as I no option even I changed the automatic setting.
    She told also that she usually got message like illegal operation and .dll missing. How Do replace a.dll?
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    Is this a name brand computer like IBM, Compaq, HP, Dell??? I've been in the IT field for 9 years and I have seen modems really screw a computer up badly. IBM's were the worst of all, the IBM Aptivas had the soundcard and modem integrated into one card. When the modem malfunctioned the PC would give nothing but blue screens all over the place. Really hated those PC's... icon_mad.gif
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    no viper,it's a clone.Motherboard Asus and Modem Motorola
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    To replace a .dll file you must have a Windows 98 CD. The .dll files are compressed in the .cab folders and have to be extracted.

    First, you have to have the name of the missing or corrupted .dll file.

    Next, go to a C:\ prompt screen.

    Next, enter the command string EXTRACT /Y/A WIN98_21.CAB [filename].

    This command will search all the .cab folders until the correct .dll file is found and the the file will be placed on the PC HDD.

    I've done this but it's been a while. Good luck Lemon_09.
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    thanks janmike for your precious help
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    hey,If I switch on a PC and get only a blank screen showing Windows Protection Error what should Ido?
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    You may find your answer here:


    Good luck!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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