70-260 or 70-270?

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I'm not sure how many times over the past few years I've told myself I was going to start trying for my MCSA.

Here we go again...hopefully this time life doesn't get in the way. I'm settled in my new job and they've offered to pay for it all.

My question is whether I should go for 70-260 or 70-270. I'm more familiar with XP by far.

Is it really worth studying for Vista? I run it on my laptop, but I've yet to see it deployed anywhere in the workplace.



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    48 views and no replies?

    Come on guys...
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    The number for vista is 620.

    Only you (or your employer) can decide which exam you are going to take.

    Here are some factors to consider:

    Which one are you more familiar with?
    Which one are you supporting at work?
    How soon does your company plan on upgrading to Vista?

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    Taking the 620 on the current 2003 track will meet your required Client OS. Plus, giving you MCTS cert which you can carry on to MCITP (Server 200icon_cool.gif.

    270 will give you MCP. Just depends on Microsoft's requirements later for MCITP upgrade exams to 2008.
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