Their is a confusion i a question!

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i have given two practise exams and the the answere to the same question is diffrent, plz help

After updating a device driver on a Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, the computer fails to boot to the GUI. What should you do to correct the problem?

two paper say A) Press the spacebar when the load last unknown good message appears.

other say B) Press F5 during boot process. Delete the driver in safe mode

I think it should be B but i was wronged two times in the above test so just wanted to clarify.


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    Windows NT 4.0 doesn't have a safe mode. so most probably choose A.
    Review your OS, objective 2.3 installation,configuration and upgrading.If you're in doubt in a certain answer, review your book. It would help to find out what the answer is and it would explain why. You would also have the chance to know some related topics.
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    On a certification exam they are looking to see if you understand how to use the features of an operating system. In NT4 pressing the space bar and rolling back to the last known good configuration is the correct answer.
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