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My company is using a hosted Exchange server. Right now we have everyone downloading and connecting to it as POP3. We want to move everyone over to just use the Exchange server so they can have shared calendars, global address book, etc.

One question I have, when one of our test users just set up to connect to the Exchange server, they don't get their email in their webmail account. Is there any way to keep email on the exchange server without using pop3?

I have both accounts set up on my computer and I get emails twice, but I can see emails in my webmail if I need to.

Apologies if I'm unclear about anything... I kind of got thrown into the support for this since our "email admin" isn't very good.


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    Found my answer out by clicking away...

    ... Now I'll just have to instruct our users in how to archive email because I'm pretty sure they'll fill their 100 meg email limit real fast.
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    Can you provide us with some insight? It might be that no one answered because no one knew. :)
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    Like I said we're on a hosted exchange solution. So our users have been using POP3 to connect to it. But with this method they can't get the global address book, shared calendars, etc. Also, all mail was being delivered to their personal folder.

    I set up a connection to the Exchange server from my mail, deleted my POP3 profile, and set my mail to deliver to Mailbox - BigTone instead of Personal Folder.

    So now the emailboxes moved (Inbox/Deleted/Sent/etc.) to my Mailbox-BigTone folder.

    Anything that goes into that folder or if subfolders are created also link up with my webmail. But that causes the problem that it ticks away at our diskspace. We have 100 meg limits on our accounts. Which isn't a problem for me but a lot of our users get mail and never delete it, don't know how to archive, etc.

    Hope I was helpful, like I said this i my first jump into playing around with exchange, even though our company won't ever get to touch the actual server.
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