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Their is an example question in the test exam on this site that asked how to show system devices that are not connected to your computer in device manager.

I beleive the answer to be in device manager select view, show hidden devices? (as CBT video tells you)

That answer is shown as incorrect and you show the add the system variable as the answer?

dont both of these show the same devices?


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    It doesn't sound right, but look at this article : icon_exclaim.gif

    Show Hidden devices only shows non-plug and play devices,
    it doesn't show non present devices such as usb cameras.

    The correct commandline in the question should be
    set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
    , and to use it you open a commandline, and set the variable, adding the system environment variable from the system control panel does nothing.
    you also have to open a new system control panel applet and you still have to click "Show hidden devices" afterwards!

    The question is a bit incomplete. icon_eek.gif
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