What certifications to start with?

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This is my first time posting on this site. I really need some expierience, strength and hope as far as what direction/order I need to go with these certifications. Presently I have none. I have been building computers, troubleshoting hardware/software, wireless networks, redundant backup systems, etc., within Windows operating systems for approx. 6 years. I enjoy it and people are pleased with my work. I've been doing this mostly as a side job/hobby. I enjoy this sort of thing and want to enhance my skills and make some money doing it. I want to persue this type of work full time and am wondering what certs to start with. From what I've gathered thus far the CompTIA A+ seems like a good place to start. Is this right? I'm not sure exactly where I want to go in this field (possibly networking). What about the Microsoft Certs? Which ones can I add to get an employers attention? Hope this makes sense. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hi, in my opinion I would recommend doing the A+, Network+ and the MCDST.

    A+ for the hardware and software that is suppose to be vendorless
    Network+ as this will give you a good basis for the Microsoft certs/quals
    MCDST as an entry to Microsoft exams and is a very good level 1 cert that employers look for, the MCDST comprises of 2 MS exams, pass one and you'll get the MCP credential, pass the second one and you get the full MCDST.

    Hope this helps

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    Just starting in IT... Most companies require min of A+ then it would be a matter of what you would like to do next.

    Must take
    220-601 A+ Essentials

    Pick one to take
    220-602 A+ IT Technican (Deskside support)
    220-603 A+ Remote Technican (Help Desk)
    220-604 A+ Depot (Depot or Bench)

    As for Network+, not required but does give you a good starting point if your interested in networking. It will give you the basics of networking, cabling, and how the OSI model works.

    Then if you decided continue with Microsoft certs, you will have to pick a track to follow. Either 2003 or 2008.

    Right now you can take 70-270 for XP or 70-620 for Vista either will work for 2003. As for 2008, that has not been released yet if XP will count for a client OS. One would think it would as 2000 Professional does for 2003, but who knows what Microsoft will come up with.

    The have been alot of companies looking for people with a college degree and certs.

    Hope this helps... just remember it just depends on what path you want to take and what companies are hiring for. More and more IT jobs are looking for CISCO certs. So many ways to go and even more things to think about.
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