CCNA before BSCI?

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Hello, I am wondering if you NEED to have your CCNA before you can write your BSCI? I know most of you probably recommend it but the reason I want to know is I'm taking a BSCI course right now and I don't have time to take my CCNA at this time however I would like to write my BSCI before I forget all the tiny details. I should have done that with my CCNA too but you live and learn I guess haha.



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    If you could pass the BSCI, then the CCNA exam should be a breeze. (other then all the technology topics you have to know)

    But CCNA is a prerequisit to CCNP, CCIE requires nothing.
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  • dr_jared88dr_jared88 Member Posts: 20 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I know CCNA is a prerequisite for CCNP BUT can I write the BSCI still? That's what I was wondering. Sort of like with CWNP where you can write your expert level exam but not actually be a certified expert before writing your administrator and security professional exams. I just don't have the time nor the money to do my CCNA right now. I can pass the CCNA exam, and I might try to resort to that if I have to but I want to push it off for now if I can.
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    You can take the BSCI exam without having your CCNA. You can pass all 4 CCNP exams without taking your CCNA, but you will not earn a CCNP until you pass CCNA.
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    Thanks! That is exactly what I was wondering! :)
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    Just to let you all know, I did confirm this on Cisco's website. You can write your exams then take your CCNA to achieve your CCNP certification. And it is also true that you can NOT reach your certification until you pass your CCNA exams.

    Thanks for you help!
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