Hi Folks,
I would be thankful if you could give me your valuable advise.

I am a CCNA,Network+,Security+

I am appearing for CISSP in a couple of weeks.

I would like to study for another certification .I dont have a work exp ...and looking for a job ......while searching for the job ....I was thinking of SCNP.

What are ur takes on SCNP it it cost effective to gain.


  • JDMurrayJDMurray Certification Invigilator Surf City, USAPosts: 11,437Admin Admin
    Search the forums here for "SCNP" to find the discussions that have been posted about it. Then search the popular job Web boards for job posting that mention the SCNP and SCNA certifications. These certifications are heavily marketed, but I see little IT industry recognition of them.
  • nangananga Posts: 201Member
    thanks for your reply.
    I checked out the structure and it seems I need to take the SCNP exam first...anyways couldnt get much of blogs or comments on it and the job scenarios are also less..

    Can u advise which one should I appear for till I get a job....dont want to waste well put another certi under the belt.
  • JDMurrayJDMurray Certification Invigilator Surf City, USAPosts: 11,437Admin Admin
    If you are already a CCNA then CCNP or CCSP would be your next step. Or you could start on the Microsoft cert path with the MCSA/MCSE. Your Network+ and Security+ certs will help with earning these Microsoft certs too. If you are interested in other general security certs, the SSCP would be the next step past Security+. You need verifiable information security work experience to earn the full CISSP certification.
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