Advice from expertise!!!! MCSE vs SQL....

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I have done MCSE in the security part, now I was thinking to take Cisco, but then I am not into that since friends also telling me it is a guy thing is not a good idea for female, bla bla……… that is not the case, I did not enjoyed that much deal with the switch and hubs also and all that different wires, it also will expire after 3 years, after all that studies, but I respect who work on that,

I am thinking to take Microsoft SQL; do you think it is a smart idea doing that? If you do what advice you give me which version which one any prerequisites for that..........

Thank you for your time……


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    Stating the bleeding obvious (sorry :) ) but it's really down to what path you wish to follow.

    Do you like developing things or maintaining things? as there are different paths for SQL Server.

    One of the things that shock a lot of people, or at least it did me when I first used it was that one program has so many different things it can do and in a lot of organisations it is at the core of their business so you get a lot of angry people if things do not work or work slowly.

    Working with SQL Server will require you to understand basic programming ideas as you will be using T-SQL quite a lot, especially if you want to be a cunning DBA and automate things ;)

    I have started getting the certification after working with SQL for about 3 years, and I am amazed by the things I have learned from the 70-431 book and what I have done wrong icon_sad.gif

    I have rambled on a bit, sorry, but hopefully this was of some help and no doubt someone will be along to correct the glaring errors I have made :)

    Good luck with whatever path you choose.
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