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I'm in a situation I'm sure plenty of others have been in - I breezed through 270 and 290 and then got stung by 291. I felt prepared and had been using the TestOut material and felt good about the prep and the test. I did not score well. I do know that it is a tough exam and was prepared for that. But now I'm thinking, should I give it another shot or move on to another exam and come back to the 291 later?

I'm a systems engineer and do this stuff everyday, so I know I'll continue to learn even on the job in addition to the studying that I'm doing. I have no real time table on completing my MCSE, so that isn't an issue. I also need to work toward my CCNA (should I go for that before finishing the MCSE track?). I'm sure tons of folks have been at this crossroads and you get a little frustrated.

Help me out guys, what's next???


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    I failed 291 also and then put it off a few months before I took it again. The second time around I passed. Looking back I wish I would have taken it again right away instead of waiting as I think it would have been easier if I would have done it that way. I would recommend taking 291 again to finish your MCSA and the decide weither you want to do MCSE or CCNA more. If you decide MCSE then take 293 next because there is some crossover between that exam and 291.
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    I think it'd be a very bad idea to stop midway through the MCSE track and jump into the CCNA.

    If you think the 291 was hard, it doesn't even come close to the CCNA in general breadth of topic.

    I'm an MCSA and finishing up my CCNA right now before the 11/6 deadline, and I'm honestly forgetting a lot of my MS stuff, and I've been a Systems Admin for about 3 years. Once I get my CCNA I'll probably go straight to the CCNP so that this information is still floating around in my brain.
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