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Hi i'm new here and i have recently got my ccna and i'm going for ccnp (bcsi) at the moment.

I really want to set up my own home lab to get more hands on experience. I looked on ebay and there are some interesting cisco kits available. I still have a few questions though before i decide to really buy something.

My budget should be around 750$ and at the moment i own nothing of material.
I surfed the net and i came to the following lab setup:

1 x 3640 (modular, which modules do i need?)
1 x 2610 (does this has an 100mb fa port for intervlan routing?)
1 x 2522 (frame relay switch)
1 x 2511 (access server)

1 x 2950
2 x 2924/2912

- What do you think about this setup?
- Do i forget something? or do you think i can leave something out of the setup?
- For the new ccnp, is it important to have IOS 12.4 for all the routers? Are the routers that i mention 12.4 compatible?
- Are these switches IOS based?
- Which cables and accessoires do i need?
- Does this setup fit in my budget? Otherwise i can leave 2 switches out of it and buy them later if im going for bcmsn
- maybe further questions will follow :)

thx in advance!!


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    i have a rack now and looking/ in the process to convert it over to dynamips for the most part
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    As for the routers, you don't need a 2522, you can use a 2520 or 2521 for a frame switch, they have 4 serial interfaces and are far less expensive than the 2522. The 3640 is a solid router and can run 12.4, but you will need to buy all your modules and that will increase the price substantially, I would look into a 2610xm or a 2611 xm which can run 12.4 but already has 1 or 2 built in fastethernet interfaces but you will still need some serial interfaces such as a wic 1t or wic 2t. For general routers I would look at some 2500's as they can run the routing protocols required (it may require a changing the IOS for ISIS then to another one for RIPng and OSPFv3). I like the 2505,2507,2516 for this purpose, they have built in hub that eliminates the need for transceivers, or again the 2520 is a good choice but may be more expensive.

    all in all you could do well with 1 2610xm or 2611xm, 3 2501 (I like the 2505/07/16/20 better for this) and a 2520 as a frame switch. For the 2600xm make sure you have atleast 32f 128d, and the 2500's should all be 16/16

    That said you can do all of the routing on dynamips/dynagen if you want to and save all the cash.

    For switches the 2950 is a good switch along with the 2924xl en version, be careful with the 2924
    s because there's a bunch of different versions and some of them would be useless. You don't really need a L3 switch but it would be nice to have, using the 2600xm for intervlan routing would work, but you may want an additional 2600 to fake a L3 switch (that it isn't in the topology anywhere else but just to provide routing for the L2 switch)
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    I run 8 routers in dynamips on my IBM server. I sold all my routers and kept two 3550's because dynamips don't support switches yet.
  • geezergeezer Member Posts: 136
    Like the idea of Dynamips but how would one go about getting all that is required?
    I used to be undecided but now I'm not so sure.

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    i really have to get some real material i can practice with
    i can sell it later on for the same price

    thanks for the answers
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    dtlokee wrote:
    For switches the 2950 is a good switch along with the 2924xl en version, be careful with the 2924s because there's a bunch of different versions and some of them would be useless.

    This is true. I bought two 2924s off ebay and discovered to my dismay that the IOS won't support encapsulation and it's not upgradable(!) icon_mad.gif Shoulda spent a few more bucks and gotten some 2950s.
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