Passed Server+ yesterday

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Passed Server+ with an 858 yesterday. I tend to over-study for tests, which help may explain my good score. I still found this test a decent challenge. I must say it is no pushover - it is one of those tests that is a mile wide and an inch deep. My previous A+, Net+, and MCSA certs all helped on this one.

I used the newer Exam Cram 2. I found this book hard to read - to me it seemed to jump all over the place and lose focus very easily. That being said, it did have alot of great info and is one of the only books out there for the newer test- so I'd recommend it.

I mixed this with the Server+ Bible (old objectives, but dirt cheap used on Amazon) and lots of research on the internet. I also used CBT nuggets (good as always - the most current version has 4-5 quick chapters at the end as an update for the sk002 objectives).

You need to know very little in depth, but you will be hit with a lot of topics...

RAID - at least the more popular ones - even the Exam Cram 2 book stated some of the oddball RAIDS like 2 and 3 would not appear on the test.

San\NAS (of course)

SCSI troubleshooting (and at least the last few types of SCSI tech and cable lengths)

A few basic Novell\Linux commands.

Pay attention to the little things in the questions - did they say the server would not post, or that it would not boot to the OS? My test had alot of odd wording and 'pick 3' type answers. It also had ALOT of server room setup\procedure, documentation, and common sense questions - don't take those chapters in the book too lightly.

Rack unit sizes, SNMP, performance monitoring and when to upgrade ram, HD, or processor.

Processing types, backup types, and tape rotations.

I even had a SATA question and one about fiber cabling types.

That's all I can think of - I really had a little of everything. I'd say you would need to either really know your study material well OR have previous experience\certs to do well on this one. After my 70-291 I enjoyed returning to the quick question format of Comptia, but they can be a little vague.

I must say that I'm glad I got this cert. Sure, it overlaps with some other certs like A+, but also contains some very good fundamentals that may serve you well (no pun intended) in an interview or during your first few months on the job. I know Server+ doesn't have a great reputation (I'm not sure why), but to me it is a very nice compliment to the MCSA and Net+.

Now to try to master Linux...


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