Exchange 2003 sp2

tweakingittweakingit Member Posts: 34 ■■□□□□□□□□
I am running into an issue with. the clients local mailbox stating a diffrent size than what the server states.

Client has recieve a mailbox full messgage so they completley clean it out: inbox,sent,drafts,deleted folders and remove all of the emails in reover deleted items.
and we right click on the Mailbox and go to properties then folder size and it states 10mb.

Server we check the servers mailbox size and it states the mail box has over 80mb.
I have defraged the exchange database, reboot, ran the cleanup agent, and i have also waited a couple of hours. still with no change in the server.

The only fix i can find if you can call it a fix. is to delete the mailbox on the server and recreate it. Any Ideas? i am at my wits end here.


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