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Hey there guys, I'm 23 and currently work as the opposition, you Know IT Sales, but I'd like to cross over and become an engineer, does anyone have any advice on how or where I should start?

Eventually I'd like to be a cisco enginner but to be honest I don't have any Knowledge(to speak of) so it would be totally starting from scratch, I'd be totally grateful for any information given.




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    You should try to get any kind of job in IT you can. Help desk or maybe a junior NOC tech if you can. Once there get as much exposure to Cisco gear as you can. You most likely won't be able to find anything with no experience working primarily with routers and sitches. An entry level position will get your foot in the door and if you show some interest you will probably be able to get in on some of the network work. Just don't set your goals too high or you might get dissapointed. Maybe if you can try to speak with the IT department in your own company and try to be transfered. You should probably also start learning all you can on your own now. Once you get some good experience start working towards some certifications to help further your career. Good luck!!!
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    Thanks for the advice
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    I'd have to agree with networker if you have some basic IT knowledge already maybe head for A+ or Network+ a lot of people start there and move on up. My first IT type job was a contract as a dell sales rep...few months i found an internship in a call center...and finally i landed my first full time gig.
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    What type if IT stuff are you selling now?

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