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If someone have LPIC level 1, LPIC level 2 and now he go for LPIC level 3 after 10 years he must upgrade this certifications, in which way ?

He must upgrade all levels LPIC 1 LPIC 2 and LPIC 3 to be up to date and wait another 10 years icon_wink.gif or he just upgrade LPIC 3 and all below certifications will be upgraded as well ? (like Cisco )

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    I will answer to myself icon_lol.gif

    Recertification requires that the individual candidate passes all up-to-date exams that are only required for the highest earned certification designation. After successful recertification, the designation status will be updated to ACTIVE for a period of FIVE years.

    When a higher level certification designation is earned, the status of all lower level designations are considered ACTIVE for FIVE years from the date of the higher level certification designation. However, candidates who do not recertify and allow their certification status to lapse will be required to earn their current and all lower level certification designations, should they subsequently pursue reactivating their certification status.

    Now it's 5 years icon_confused.gif
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    Thanks for that information, I am sure others will find it useful. For those who like to know the source:

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    yeah , I forget to put link , thanks for correction icon_cool.gif
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