How can I restricted inbound email

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I have a situation that I'm trying to restrict all inbound emails for a particular address. I would like have the email account send out emails and also have it deny any inbound and send out a message stating that emails sent the this address is prohibited. If this is a easy process I apologize I'm totally new to Exchange.


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    What version of Exchange?

    Not having it directly in front of me, you would go to the properties of the user in ADUC (on a server that has the Exchange Tools installed) and under Exchange General tab go to Delivery Restrcitions. Select "Accept Messages only from:" and put an administrator's name or some other user in there. This will effectively block people from sending to that mailbox.
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    Thanks, all email thats over 1 KB was restricted. I was going to make myself as the only user able to send this address emails but the head IT man thought it was better resticting by size.
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    just a thought... but you could have their emails redirected to another users mailbox (under the exchange general tab) in the user AD account. then setup a rule within outlook that sends the original recipent an 'automated prohibited' reply.
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