How helpful is Transcender on this exam?

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Hi guys, could someone who has passed 291 let me know how helpful the Transcender exams are in order to pass this one?

Are they quite similar to the real thing? (the exam, not coca cola :D )

cheers guys and gals


  • bwcartybwcarty Member Posts: 422 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I took 70-291 as my first MS exam, and the Transcender test was a huge help just to have an idea about the style of the questions, simulations, etc.

    If you're just looking for study materials and don't really need to get a feel for the exam software, I'd recommend the CBT Nuggets videos first. They covered everything I saw on the exam in good detail. If you follow the videos along with hands on work in a lab environment (I used a few servers running in VMware Server), the Transcender tests will highlight your weak areas.

    One thing to be aware of is that unless they've updated the test in the past few months, Transcender covers SUS, and you need to know WSUS for the real exam. They're similar enough that if you get the SUS stuff right on the Transcender test, you could probably figure out the differences with WSUS during the real exam, though, but it's an important distinction.
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