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I'm on a windows 2008 class for the next couple of days. It is for MS Partners and is a beta of a class. I'm not sure what the working title will be but probably something like updating skills for Windows 2008 for those with the MCSE.

the book has a lot of detailed information. The course is very lab oriented, but not all of the bugs have been worked out with the labs.

This morning we talked about WDS and Core. There was an overview of clustering, NLB, and virtualization.

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    We got out early yesterday, because they content provider sent new Virtual machines for the labs and the instructor was going to get them set up for today.

    We covered name resolution in the afternoon.

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    Thanks for the running commentary - please continue. I am interested in your opinion of the class as it progresses. icon_cool.gif
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    Again thanks, I'll be teaching these classes when they get released, either next year or the year after that. It's good to hear the good points and the bad points from the beta/early classes.

    Keep the info coming :)

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    Yesterday, we also talked about the new TCP/IP stack. Looks like they are going back to the DoD networking model.

    Today's topics so far have included NAP (Network Access Protection) and changes to the certificate authority. NAP is a nice idea, but there are so many parts to it that I don't know if I will implement it anywhere.

    The labs are working but are painful. I thought one of the machines was freezing, but it was just taking a long time to boot up. Another one crashed three times before it finally booted up. The instructor told use that minimum requirements for the lab are 2 gb of memory in the host computers. They are running 3 to 4 gb in their lab computers, so increasing the memory assigned to the virtual machines has helped. The vista clients were set to 256 mb and the 2008 servers to 512 mb. Makes for a lot of time to check my email and surf.

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    Thanks for the info !
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    The labs for day to were very slow. The ones for day 3 were much faster, but overall still on the slow side.

    Here is a run down of topics you will want to look into if you are planning on doing either upgrade exam.

    WDS, WIM file format
    Server Core and the roles that it can support
    promoting Server Core to a DC (you have to use an unattended install to dcpromo)
    Virtualization (we skipped this section since it is not being released with server)
    new TCP/IP stack
    Improvements to clustering and load balancing
    IPv6 is turned on by default and runs side by side with IPv4
    DNS - Global Names Zones - intregrating WINS functionality into DNS
    LLMNR - Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution
    NAP - Network Access Policies. I expect this to be a big portion of whatever exam covers it
    Improvements to CA
    AD is now called Active Directory Domain Services
    AD Lightweight Directory Services replaces ADAM
    RODC - Read Only domain controller, they do not store passwords by default
    AD Federated Services
    NT Backup is new, and is not installted by default, no more System State
    Event viewer is updated
    Services and be set to a delayed startup
    AD DS services can be set to an AD restore state
    Terminal Services can publish applications now
    Terminal Services Web Access aka Citrix Web Interface
    Terminal Services Gateway aka Citrix Secure Gateway (RDP over HTTPS)
    New RDP protocol
    Single Sign on for sessions
    Easy Print - no more printer driver mappings for TS. the TS can now call the local printer driver and lauch the printer properties if requested. I can't wait to play with this one
    IIS - has been completely rebuilt
    Improvements to DFS
    SMB 2.0
    WSS - expect this to start weasling its way in to more MS technologies

    That list should keep everyone busy for a while.

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