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Well, I have all the study questions for Exam Essentials 6 and can answer all the questions for the Core and OS without missing any. Is this in conjunction with Mike Meyers Thrid Edition going to be enough to pass this exam? Is Exam Ess 6 outdated now? Will Exam Ess 6 study alone be enough? Thanks for any input.


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    I believe Mike Myers is now out with the 5th edition, which will be different than your copy. Mostly based on the new objectives for 2003. The 3rd edition is on the 2001 objectives. I would suggest checking with the Comptia site, and look at the new objectives to see if there is anything you are unfamiliar with. Then, with some confidence, you should be able to pass! Good Luck!!

    p.s.--This site has some great TechNotes to study right before going in as a mini-refresher!
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    how well have you done with the practice questions on this site?
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    75% approx on the ones here
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    I honestly wouldnt look at the one practice test this site offers as a baromitor of how well you will do on the test. I found that the questions on the Comptia core hardware test were very..very very different than the ones on the practice test.

    I am not knocking the content this site provides, I love this site. I just think they should offer more variety on THIS site. Good luck on the test. :D
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    My friend took the test a couple years ago and aced it based on studying the unlocked 5.5 Exam Essentials. He recalls a good portion of questions on the test identical to the ones asked in Exam Essentials. Now that I have Exam Essentials 6, I'm wondering if that may still be true and if I can rely on a lot of the questions being very similar. Main reason I ask is because there are no XP questions on EE6 and I'm sure there are XP questions on the current A+ exam....aren't there?
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    yes, there are xp questions. go to to look at the new objectives.
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    There are some really good sites for questions out there with a different style of questions from each site.

    hope this helps
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