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Do you still go onsite to customers locations if you do contract work for clients..? I find myself doing a lot of the programming, design etc for customers but I am really wanting to get away from my existing clients asking specifically for me. The sad part is that no one else in the company can do my job roles so I am kind of SOL. I am trying to convince the owner to hire another tech so I can train them so they can do all the support stuff so I no longer have to spend my time on tedious onsite visits.

Just curious. I know in most Big companies they have departments for each role and its not likely that an admin would get sent onsite, but I was curious if others are taking these roles with small to medium sized business'.


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    MIght be a good idea to find out where the owner 'thinks' you fit in. If you want something different or it's not within his/her scope of the companies growth....you may find yourself in an hopeless situation.

    The good news is....you are in demand! So, if you slack and clients stop asking for you...it won't look favorably for you. So find out what the companies goals are...explain your goals, show your potential in this different role and how that will generate some revenue. Sometimes it can be helpful to FIND the person to replace you in that old role so you can do more.

    Now, someone likely has a story of how this backfired on them and the new employee took their job and they were later without one. Hence the reason to determine where the company is growing first. :)

    No Guarantees...but it is a postive way to approach this. If the company isn't headed where you hope...then you'll need to decide is it worth staying or looking for something more enjoyable.

    Good luck!
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