preventing software install???

ladiesman217ladiesman217 Member Posts: 416
i want to ask how to prevent the installations of softwares while log in using the administrator account in win xp. yes admin account because im using a caffe monitoring tool to manage bills, it got some security features but no option to prevent users installing softwares....this monitoring tool cant be used with limited account... icon_eek.gif the reason why.. i dont know. now i want to use any available tweaks probably using MMC. pls help icon_sad.gif
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  • SieSie Member Posts: 1,195
    Cant you run the monitoring software with the runas command from a limited account??
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  • ladiesman217ladiesman217 Member Posts: 416
    yes i've tried that can run, but as ive said it needs the administrator account to log on windows. the monitoring software got some weak security features. im thinking of using MMC but i cant find how to prevent software installation. any suggestions pls.
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    Look into software restriction policies, you can find them in Local Group Policy.
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