Passed :-D

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Decided to start the training for MCP 293 last Saturday, took exam today and passed with 835.

What is the 294 exam like? was thinking of doing this or the 297 next.



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    nice job!
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    Thanks Guys,

    Want a new job, which is motivating me to complete my MCSE ASAP. (so far 3 weeks training, 3 quals, 290, 291, 293). Helps that Ive worked in MS environment for over 7 years though lol.

    Was hoping that the hardest exams were out of the way. Got some people saying 294 is the worst, and others saying that 293 is.

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    Wow!!! I've been trying to complete my MCSE for two years now, LOL. Congrats!

    In my opinion, 294 was the easiest exam I took from the track...except for 270.
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    congrats :D
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