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Some one please tell me Am I supposed to MEMORIZE EVERY SINGLE SWITCHS ? Oh GOD, there is thousands of them at least.


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    Absolutly not! Just the more common ones.
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    Definitely not, only the basic switches and most common used switches. I know... when you're just starting out it seems impossible to tell which ones that are ;)

    A good study guide (text book) should cover them. Also try this one: (not updated for 2003 objectives yet.).
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    Just become familiar with what the switches do, rather than what they actually are. Sometimes, switches to tasks will have blah.exe /<something intuitive>
    dir /s = list /subdirectories

    Don't worry too much about it, though. You might just get 2 or 3 tests on the CompTIA A+ that refer to command switches, and they'll likely be popular ones.
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    Thank you you all. Now I have more hope&confidence to study for the exam :).

    Ah, sorry, I have one more question, because I don't want to mess up your forum by another post, so I post right here. icon_redface.gif

    Acceptable forms of photo identification include:

    * Driver's license
    * Passport
    * Military identification
    * Employee identification card

    Acceptable forms of non-photo identification include:

    * Credit card
    * Check cashing card

    Social Security cards are not considered acceptable forms of identification.

    Please refer to your registration entity for specific identification requirements.

    I'm International Student, so the only identification I have is my passport. I have a debit card of CanadaTrust and it has signature but no photo and my school ID (I'm only @ highschool) have photo but no signature. So may I still allow to ? icon_confused.gif:

    I'm from Red Deer (Sartan might know this place, bore as |-|ell icon_mad.gif ) so I have to take the exam with @ Red Deer College and the above passage is from their FAQ.


    As I said above, I am only able to take with Prometric, but I also want to support this site as well. But when I click on the Exam Vouchers link on the right
    Test Voucher bundles for Pearson VUE
    icon_cry.gif . So how can I still support this site when I buy exam vouchers from Prometric? (sorry it sounds confusing, hope you guy understand icon_redface.gif )
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    *Yawn* Red Deer.. Boring! Just another obstacle on the path to edmonton.

    Your passport ID should be perfect for photo identification. I think other forms of identification could be used:
    Your T4 Slip, Your birth certificate, a blank cheque, a credit card, school ID, Something with your name and a government stamp on it. Just bring everything official that you have put it in an envelope and peel off ID after ID. When I took my last test at prometric they let me use my SAIT student ID as well, but not the second time :D.

    Another suggestion, if you have some time, is just get your learners driving permit. I beleive it's only $45 to write the test and earn your permit in Alberta. On top of that, you'll get to beat the 2 year waitout for the probationary license.
    Network Tech student, actively learning Windows 2000, Linux, Cisco, Cabling & Internet Security.
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