Coming back to the Technology field after 7 years

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Currently I am doing my research on Microsoft, Cisco... Certifications in order to comeback to the the field. I worked as a Sr. sales engineer and field engineer in the field of PBX, Call-Centers (No hands-on knowledge of routers, switches...etc) for a major Telecom manufacturer for 5 years up into 2000. Since then I got my MBA and worked in a couple of jobs completely unrelated to technology.

I wanted some advice regarding certifications that would get me into the networking field, what is on demand by employers? I think CCNA is a great start, are there any other certifications that would complement CCNA in the current job market (Microsoft...etc)?

I reviewed some other messages in the forums discussing Too many certifications, Certifying on something you never worked with....etc, in my case I need a starting point so I can at least get started with an entry level job in the field where I acquire experience and go from there.

Any ideas? Thanks.


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    If you seek certifications for the purpose of getting a job, you need to look at postings on all of the popular Web job boards for the kinds of IT positions that interest you, and check what the employers are asking for in the way of education, certification, and experience. A lot of people here at TE will have their opinions, but the opinions that count the most are from the employers at the businesses that are hiring IT people.
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    Thanks JD for the quick response.
    I looked in Monster, Careerbuilder and Dice. It seems Network+, CCNA are the strongest certs to transition from my current job into IT, next to others related to network security.
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