No experience but have a College Diploma.

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I just graduate from college with 5 months IT security experience. I shooting for MCSA. I passed two track exam already but i will be siting for 70-291 next week.

Any advice on the exam. half a loof of bread is better than no bread


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    Good luck. icon_cool.gif

    As far as advice, I would say to read some of the other "I Passed" topics on the 70-291 forum, as that should give you some good insight. In a nut shell though, you should really really really know the ins and outs of DNS, and be ready for several questions on WSUS.
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    Make sure you know your DNS, RRAS, and WSUS inside and out because the majority of the questions will be on those topics.

    I took the exam yesterday and failed miserably. I will be using my second chance sometime next month. Hopefuly, I'll do passed the next time around.

    Good Luck!
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    Also know IP Sec. Lots of IP Sec questions. If you only have 5 months experience I would suggest you set up a lab and make DNS, RRAS, IPSec and WSUS work. I mean, really make them all work as designed. And don't forget to know how to subnet and calculate the number of hosts and networks. Like another guy wrote on another thread, "You cant afford to miss the easy questions"

    This is advice from a guy with 15 years experience who didn't pass the exam.
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