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I was wondering what can actually connect media types..a transceiver or a gateway?? I know gateway converts different network technologies..or am i wrong??


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    It can be considered a gateway, but a gateway typically works higher in the OSI layer and is not directly related to the media type, it works in software, it could for example translate IPX to IP traffic.

    The device that suits your question best is a router. A router is used for two primary functions: (I hope I won't sound cocky by quoting myself ;)
    Common use of routers is to connect two different type of networks (for example Ethernet and Token ring) or to interconnect LANs into a WAN.

    the key part here is "different type of networks" which generally refers to or directly relates to the media and hence connectors being used.

    For more information read our Network+ TechNotes, this one in particular: Network Components
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    thanks webmaster..helps a lot!!!!
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