Migrate DNS from NT4 to 2003

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Does anyone know to migrate DNS zones from NT4 to 2003 ? I've upgraded my PDC to 2003 AD, but it creates a new dns zone instead of upgrading the existing zone. I'm then left with an AD zone and the previous NT4 zone separate instead of being one zone.



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    Ok so whats happening here is the fact that NT4 stores your dns zone information in a .dns file as where in 2003 its in an AD integrated partition like domaindns or forestdns, so when you copied it over you are just adding another zone to it. (you can view these by opening adsiedit and opening a "connect to", entering the type dc=domaindns or forestdns, <domain info here>)

    Heres what I may do, granted its not from any support or technet article which would probably be better to search through. You could dcpromo the new box and not have it automatically setup dns for you, then you could setup dns with a secondary zone (assuming you are using the same name for this domain), config a zone transfer, once this is done make the zone a primary AD integrated zone and run netdiag /fix so it autopopulates the zone with the appropriate SRV records and the like...

    Now again, this is shooting from the hip and may be way off. Good luck in any case.
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