640-801 scheduled for saturday

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With just a few days left, I think I have most of the bases covered. I have read the Lammle book almost 2 times through, I use cisco.netacad.net online curriculum, Self test software (consistently scoring 100%), certsim (consistently scoring 950-970), network virtulizer, and lots of practice with packet tracer sims. I went to a cisco academy a couple of years ago so I do have experience with the actual hardware.

I feel strongly about most areas, but a few weak areas are isdn, and some frame relay concepts.

I am going to hit those areas hard over the next couple of days but is there anything else anyone would reccomend that I do in preparation? Also, what should I commit to memory to write down at the test site for quick reference?

any reply is much appreciated :D


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    You better nail those subjects that you are hazy in, down or you'll end up like me today.

    I'd suggest noting down the powers of 2 and the CIDR notations, netmasks associated with them, and number of hosts in each network.

    Thats what I did at least, and it helped. The only reason I did that is to give my self some protection against brain farting during the exam. The last thing I need is to miss a question on something like that, especially after I dedicated more time to subnetting than the other sections which probably is what lead to my demise.

    I cannot think of what else to tell you (let alone what I can tell you ). Better cover the subjects that are hazy though, very thoroughly.
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