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hi guys been on here a while but this is 1st post any help with this would be much appreciated.
if you are trying to write a single acl to cover multiple network addresses how is the acl
wildcard mask worked out?
for example:

cheers in advance


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    I'll make the assumption here that you can subnet...

    For the range you want to cover - 7.0, to summarize that range, it falls in a /30 subnet...remember /30 is .252 mask and doing the math...256 - 252 gives you 4...

    Then your summarized range would look like this... and this covers down to, with 4.0 being the subnet number and 7.255 being the broadcast address...

    So now we have this network address..., to find the wildcard mask, the way I do it, is to subtract the mask from

    Which gives as the wildcard mask...

    Therefore your ACL can look something like this...

    access-list 1 permit|deny

    If you want to permit or deny to a specific destination or include ports then you would use an extended acl...

    Hopefully, I have explained it correctly... :)
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    mikearamamikearama Member Posts: 749
    You're asking how aggregation works... also known as route summarization.

    So your networks are

    If you knew that this acl would cover the entire group of subnets, you could use it, with a mask of

    Since you specified only four subnets, they can be reduced to

    Now in an acl, the wildcard mask is the exact opposite of the subnet mask, so something like:

    Access-list 101 deny tcp any eq ftp

    This would deny anything from 4.0 through 7.255 from accessing anything beyond the router using ftp.

    That help?
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    waymorrwaymorr Member Posts: 29 ■□□□□□□□□□
    cheers guys that clears it up for me :)
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