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hi guys, first post on here ill do a proper intro later... but wanted to ask a quick question..

im currently enroled in the networking academy although not currently enrolled with a college(uk based) for one reason n another...
anyways im now aiming to get my studies back on course.. and ive seen that the current 801 and icnd exams are set to change..
however looking at the academy web site it states that students can enrole in the 3.1 couse till next march 2008 with support going through till 2009..

so does this mean net acad students will still sit the 801 exam ? or that the course content as it is will suffice for the new exams??

im looking to do self sudy this time round and have loads of stuff all relateing to 3.1 etc...

cheers for any help.... and look forward to chattin to all a lot more in coming months...
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