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hi guys - i just wanted some advice from this forum.

basically i have done 3 of the 4 academy modules at uni - i have now changed uni and cant finished the 4th.
whilst i was doing the academy i was also doing my mcsa, which i achieved. i was going to go for my mcse but im toying the ccna again.

my problem is this: whilst i done the 3 modules of the academy i found i was good with the hands on - setting up networks (in the uni lab) etc and felt good that i was able to setup vlans etc. the big problem i had was trying to remember all the theory side. i was doing decent in the end of semester tests (usually hit around the 75% mark) but i found because of my lack of network background i could never get that extra 10%. i admit im rubbish at memorising facts from books and are alot more suited to the hands on approach. i also didnt decide to go for the exam in the first place because i struggled to find a decent oppurtunity to progress with those skills.

Does anyone think it would be worth going for the ccna or to stick with the mcse track for now?

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    I'm kind of like you, a hands on person. What really helped me to learn the theoretical side is repetition. Read a subject until it burns in and take lots of notes over key points. Its always good to apply what you have learned afterward. I don't have equipment so I use packet tracer from cisco. Its not the same as real equipment but at least you can practice things like "show commands".
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