Michael Meyers A+ 4th Edition

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Hi all, first off thanks for a great site. I'm scheduled to take both exams next week, Ive been cramming however I have Michael Meyers A+ 4th edition. My question is: Using this guide along with the tech notes on this site is that sufficient to pass the 2003 exam? I'd like to avoid buying the 5th edition and reading the whole thing over again for a small amount of info.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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    IMHO, you should check the latest exam objectives at CompTIA against your present level of knowledge. If you're not there yet, reschedule the exams and get a new study guide covering the new objectives. You don't necessarily have to get Meyers, but I would myself--like his style.

    If you're trying to save a buck, boils down to reality of a new guide is a lot cheaper than paying another set of exam fees.

    Best of luck!
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    I'm using Meyer's 4th edition to prep a class for the HW exam and, IMHO, the answer is a definite NO. The reason is simple: It doesn't cover the newer technology such as Serial ATA, DVI, new Intel & AMD processors, etc. I'm scrambling to find info on these and other topics.

    Good luck in your prep work!

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    Ive supplemented 4th Edition with Technotes from this site and other internet material and I'm scoring anywhere from 80-90% on all practice tests I can find so I think I'm ready, I'm scheduled to take the core exam tomorrow and I feel pretty confident. I'll be floored if I fail, but it's always possible I guess.
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    Best of luck!!

    Sounds like you should be ready.
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    Thanks janmike, I'll give the lowdown tomorrow evening.
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    I crushed it with the All-In-One and this site. Probably will with Net + too.
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    Well I passed the core but not by a stellar score (58icon_cool.gif. My recommendation is definetly follow the above advice on using Meyer's 5th edition. The only thing that saved me is the fact I have a fair amount of practical hands on experience, so 4th edition plus this site was enough. I'm not afraid of OS since I have a load of exp. with all the covered OS's so Thursday I'll take that one.
  • janmikejanmike Senior Member Member Posts: 3,076
    Congratulations kjmccoy!

    Good luck on OS.
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    i would like to know how you calify the book Enhanced

    A+ Guide to manage and mantaining your PC (Jean Andrews) Course Technology (Thompson Learning)

    if there is a raiting i would like to know what it is and well i guess some of you guys have seen this book, came with a cd and is third edition, i hope itis good because is my main A+ Study guide,

    thanks everyone and one more time...good job for all of them that makes this page alive and help us a lot! ;)
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    I received the a+ guide to managing & maintaining your PC along with the lab book with my course at school.

    Those books, in a word, kick ass.
    on a scale of one to five, they deserve a six.

    They bring you *so* much further than A+, and is really oriented to a technical professional with more than passing a certification exam in mind.

    Most of my thompson technology books rock (except the CCNA books)

    I have from thompson technology:~
    XP Pro & lab, 2k Pro & lab, 2k Server & lab, 2k Networking & lab, 2k AD & lab, Network troubleshooting, Linux installation and administration, Linux networking & security, Security+ guide & lab, CCNA guide to networking fundamentals & lab, CCNP guide to advanced routing, Network Cabling, a business guide to data fundamentals.. probably more..

    They come with selftest course certification practice software, and awesome cdrom tutorials.

    I feel like a big IT pro with all of these books stacked in one place :) Thompson, the one stop certification shop.
    Network Tech student, actively learning Windows 2000, Linux, Cisco, Cabling & Internet Security.
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    I'm using Myers 3rd Edition, and reading the Sybex A+ book (2003 edition) in pdf format.

    I find Myers provides thorough explanations, mainly on the basics, and the new Sybex book gives updates on latest technologies and nice pretty tables summarizing them.

    I'm also reading a bunch of reviews on newer CPUs and motherboards on Tomshardware.com, Anandtech, etc.

    Also, the notes on this site are awesome. I'm also taking all practice exams I can find.

    Hopefully that works. We'll see.
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    I was wondering the same thing. I've been studying the mike myers all in one (4th edition) and I have the cbt nuggets for the 2001 objectives. what I really need is a supplementel .pdf

    the only things I used for net+ was the technotes and a $7 .pdf from cramsession.com. I'm more comfortable with networking than hardware though.

    If anything, I'll get these to supplement what I already have

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