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Anyone have any experience with Cacti or currently using it on their network? Looks like a beast to install but also looks like it could be pretty helpful. Any insight is appreciated.

Here's the link if anyone's interested.


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    wrong Cacti icon_sad.gif

    Sorry, I hadn't heard about it until your link. Looks interesting. SOmething you are evaluating for work as a replacement to something already being used? Or something you need to add to have some reporting options?
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    there is actually a all in one executable running around for windows that has all components wrapped together and install pretty simple, never got a chance to set up and graphs decently need to use pre-made templates. I will try to see if i can find it, other wise next time i'm in the office.
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    Wrong cacti as well icon_sad.gif

    Never heard of this.
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    Cacti, RDDtool, MRTG are all great SNMP graphers. It isn't hard to install but as with every SNMP application it takes a while to configure.

    I would suggest the use of this and everyone who doesn't know these products should get familiar with them. Graphs are a great thing in an environment.
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    Thanks for the replies guys,
    Yeah, it's something we want to implement on our network because at the moment we have absolutely nothing to gauge how things are running. We only have one Server(DC) so I'm a little hesitant to throw it on there without doing a little testing and configuring on a test box first. Will let you know how it turns out.
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    Sorry for catching this if it is too late.

    I monitor our core with CactiEZ. Originally it was all done in Nagios, but that was so bloated and hacked together, and it didn't have nice graphs.

    My first deployment was a testbox of my own with just Cacti loaded on Debian. Later I found CactiEZ, which had Nagios wrapped into it. It also had Webmin, which whatever.....

    I like it a lot. It is powerful, easy, and does a good job. I just sold a few hours of labor last month to a customer of ours to configure up a CactiEZ box for their network to monitor a few things.
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