Consulting for wi-fi setup

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I'm currently doing some consulting for a local web shop that wants to migrate from the wired infrastructure to a wireless network.

They currently have about 15 desktops and at any given time about 5-7 laptops that will plug in to the wired network.

Its a small building but it has 2 floors. I'm thinking a single access point may not be sufficient for the variable network demand and structure, So the company has no problem getting another Access Point.

They do not want to spend a whole lot of money on expensive I'm thinking 2 SOHO linksys wireless routers b/g should be sufficient. in the design plan as well.

I set up a similar network for a local dunkin donuts shop a few streets down from this web shop.

I want to get usb wireless network cards that can plug in the back of the desktops. The upper and lower areas are like 18 feet long as well as you think there will be any signal degradation with PC's connected to the lower area AP. Also the walls are wooden and based on a recent survey a few wireless networks are in close range using 802.11 b/g.
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    The only correct way to do this properly is a site survey.

    IMHO you should not migrate a stationary desktop to a wireless network that is less secure, shared bandwith, when you can have a 100+ Mb/s switched network that will provide far more performance. The notebooks would benifit from the wireless network, leave the desktop computers on the wired network.
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