A+ 2006 (Essentials, IT Tech) exams vs Preplogic experience

doomiedoomie Member Posts: 9 ■□□□□□□□□□
A quick question for current holders of the 2006 certifications...

I'm just about to sit both A+ exams, but just wondering how they seem to match up with the Preplogic test preps ?

When I sat both of my Network and Security exams, I found that my real pass mark matched what I was achieving on the preplogic tests, albeit with slightly different (and sometimes harder) questions in the exam.

Did other people experience the same thing ? I'm just trying to gauge what the test will be like !
Work aside, aiming to sit both in the next couple of weeks, (maybe on the same day) and then hitting the books for MCSE (have many years real world experience, just now the time to get things on paper)


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