70-270 Transcender vs MeasureUp score discrepancy.

Ok so a long time ago I took the Microsoft MCSE test for the NT 4 workstation and I think I got a 65% and it frightened me away from the entire MS testing system. That was what 7 years ago. I’ve never tested well anyway. I went out and got my CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, but none of the HR firms seem to even know what half of these are and I need to get some of the Microsoft certs taken care of.

So I got the Microsoft Press MCSE book and I’m trying to read a chapter each night. I got the measure up free with the book, but I got the transcender as well and here’s my problem.

Overall I find that there is a 20% point discrepancy between the two tests. I’ve done one overall test with 50 random questions from all batteries and got

Measure up - 45%
Transcender – 65%

When I do the batteries individually for a baseline to see which sections I need work on I get.

# Installing Windows XP Professional
Measure Up – 42%
Transcender - 81%

# Implementing and Conducting Administration of Resources
Measure Up – 46%
Transcender - 74%

# Implementing, Managing, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Hardware Devices and Drivers
Measure up – 42%
Transcender – 70%

And I stopped there. That’s quite a difference in the results. Now I know I just started studying, been about a week or two, but when it comes time to do the real test which should I be paying attention to?


  • SmallguySmallguy Posts: 597Member
    I've always found transcender software to be as close to the real exam as it gets

    that being said on my 270 and 290 I used the measure up software that came with my books

    I think in your case there is a serious discrepancy

    I would personally analyze wher yuor getting questions worng look for a pattern not jsut the sections you've outlined

    but maybe you just don't have your minimum system specs memorized and measure up hits that harder than trancender.

    in short review each question our getting wrong and improve your weaker areas....I wouldn't be comfortable if I was scoring anything below 80%
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