Just Passed ETA - CET Exam, Now Network+

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Hey everybody, I'm new to the site and I think its great
Thanks first off for the valuable resources

I just passed the ETA - CETa exam
I was wondering if there are any roll over certifications for this exam?
I read if you pass Comptiaa N+ you can pay a fee and get certified for ETA - Network
So I was wondering if I could get credit for any other certifications that you guys know of?

And I was thinking about taking the ETA - Network exam on December 11th instead of the Comptiaa...
Does anybody have any experience or advice for this?

Thanks guys


  • sthomassthomas Senior Member Member Posts: 1,240 ■■■□□□□□□□
    There are no rollovers that I am aware of for an ETA-I certification to another certification. The rollovers are from a CompTIA certification (A+ and Network+) or some Microsoft and Cisco certifications to the ETA-I CST and/or CNST.


    In my opinion when you get a CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, etc..... certificaton it is not worth the money to roll them over to the CST or CNST. But that is just my opinion, I hope that helps.

    BTW - Congrats on getting the CETa!
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  • ZaeZae Junior Member Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for your reply
    Which weighs heavier...
    A Comptiaa N+ or ETA N+?
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    The Network+ holds more weight in the IT industry than the ETA CNST (Certified Network Systems Technican) mainly because more employers know about CompTIA more than ETA. I have never taken the CNST exam though, so it may be more difficult or at least on the same level as Network+
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