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I'm 32 yrs old living in the UK and a want to re-train with the aim to get into the IT support industry. I consider myself computer literate with a good understanding of PCs Win Xp etc. but have no commercial experience in the IT support field. I have looked at the various MCP/COMPTIA qualifications and I am wondering what would be a good starting point. Would it be A+, Network+ or MCDST? Also is there any recommended training centers in the UK? Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.




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    Hi Peter,

    Firstly welcome! :D

    To answer you question we really need to know where your interest lies and what path you want to follow in IT.

    Are you looking for a field services role? (Traveling out to client sites fixing machines and hardware)

    Are you looking for a helpdesk role? (Answering calls from users and fixing problems over the phone or using remote software)

    How do you interact with people? (What i mean is do you want to work face to face with users and clients)

    What is your background? This may give us an insight into where you currently stand / come from and may be able to suggest something that would interest you.

    As for qualification that depends on the area you want to move into.

    Network+ will teach you about setting up networks and cabling
    A+ will teach you about computer hardware (Enabling you to upgrade systems and know what works with what and why in the guts of the machine)
    MCP / MCSA will enable you to learn all about Windows and it capabilities and to be able to provide support and advice based on this.

    I know its not all in depth and people will pull me up on a couple of things (A+ is NOT just this etc) but im just trying to give you a brief overview.

    Let us know what you think and what your interests are and we will try and help! :D
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