PentiumM vs. other cpu's...

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What's the difference?


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    Too many to list. Pentium as well as AMD have their own proprietary technologies. It usually doesn't matter much unless you are running CPU intesive programs (games, graphical tools, DVD rippers, etc), in that case a real Intel Pentium would be better. I currently have an AMD Athlon (XP)in both my desktop and laptop and it works fine for me.
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    The mobile processers usually give off less heat, and more control over the front side bus by the motherboard for power saving.

    The newest model includes fancy NetBurst 2 architecture, including bigger caches, faster transfers, larger address space, and bigger pipelined bursts.
    It even saves power -- between keystrokes. The sleep on the mobile processor practically grinds the laptop to a halt compared to a desktop processor.
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    umm I guess to summarize the above post.

    They are faster, cheaper, and better than other chips that are in the same class icon_rolleyes.gif
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