HELP!!! Second Hardrive Formatting

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Hi There,

To cut a long story short..... I have just installed a second hardrive to be used for storing films, music and photos but not windows.

Hardrive 1 has Win98se installed and recognises the second drive as removable but when opening the drive (hardrive 2) i am asked to format ( Quick/Full/Copy Files ) I chose 'Full' because its never been formatted so 'Quick' will not work but it tells me i don't have enough memory. I have now got around 375mb ram ( I thought that should be enough ) but i still get the same problem.

How can i sort out this problem? A step-by-step answer or guide would be wonderful.



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    Let me give u a wild guess.

    I think that second harddrive has no partitions on it. I think u sould 1-restart ur computer 2-load with a startup disk 3-run fdisk and create a secondary partition on that second hardrive 4-restart again and load with startup 5- format from dos prompt with a "/u" switch.

    digging old tricks here... but not sure it'll work out right. however, it's worth checking out if u haven't done any of the above mentioned things. icon_lol.gif
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    Well your 1st problem is that your computer is seeing the 2nd HD as a removable drive. Your PC should not be seeing the HD if it's an internal drive as a removable drive. Make sure that you have your jumper settings on your 2nd HD put on the right pins. Look at the manual of the HD to see what will be the right settings. Is your 2nd HD connected to your master HD or is it connected to your CD drive usually (2nd IDE channel).

    How old is your PC and how big is your 2nd HD??? That could be another reason why you're having problems. If your PC is older and your 2nd HD is a larger HD you may have to upgrade the BIOS on your PC so it can support the new drive. There are quite a few factors that you have to look at when running into these kind of problems. Good Luck and let us know how you correct the problem. icon_cool.gif
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